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Interviews / Printmaking 
Spring 2019

︎ A series of interviews with LGTBQ+ Asian-Americans on their experiences with queer identity and coming out.

︎ An extended coming out letter exploring themes of family, intimacy, vulnerability, and resilience.

︎ My design challenge

How do you prepare yourself for a life-changing conversation?

My answer was to center warmth, community, and personal strength. This folded booklet aims to describe the Queer Asian-American community as heterogenous, complex, and beautiful through a series of participants’ & personal statements.

︎ My process

1. Interviews

4 participants, 5-8 questions, 2.5 hours

2. Synthesis

4 short narrative statements

3. Prototypes

3 mockups

4. Personal letters

1 coming out letter, 2 acknowledgements w/ anecdotes

5. Photo Curation

5 portraits, 1 family photo

6. Polymer Plate Letterpress

3 sheets of negatives, 20 small plates, 6 print runs per copy

* participants were involved and updated on every step of this process to respect personal comfort and privacy.

︎ My concept

Walking through the book, my hope was to familiarize my audience (my parents) with varied and intimate experiences from Queer Asian-Americans before revealing my own coming out letter. The book’s form is meant to emphasize the act of “revealing,” and as the viewer interacts with the folds, the revealed information becomes more intimate and personal. By competely unfolding the project and delving into the hidden inside panels, the viewer’s engagement is validated with vulnerable experiences, letters, and a center photo of my parents.

The form of this book (a red triangle) is meant to loosely references the Silence = Death triangle, calling for strength, community, and an end to silence.

︎ My content

The first and third pages show two statements (each) with accompanied portraits, name, pronouns, and identities.
The second page includes a personal photo symbolizing familial connection.
On the third side, the left side folds down to reveal a personal coming-out letter and portrait.
Unfolded, the  project shows two letters with accompanied anecdotes: A thank you letter to my sister, with my experience of coming out to her, and a thank you letter to my participants, who gave me the courage and strength to come out again. Centered in my project is a photo of my parents.

Folded, this book is 5.5” x 5.5”
Unfolded, this book is 22” x 5.5”

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