Hairy Numbers

Data Visualization
Fall 2018

︎ An Experiment: Visualizing 120 random people and their hair styles.

︎ My design question

How many people choose to dye their hair and at what age?

In recent years, I’ve had a colorful and ever-changing relationship with my hair. At one point, my hair was bright red—and people noticed. In fact, it often invited others to share their experiences with hair dyeing. This made me wonder: Was hair dyeing a common experience among the young adults around me, or was I just more biased to notice it? And what hair lengths and styles were most popular? Ultimately, this project was a great exercise in visualizing observational data.

︎ My process

120 random participants, 4 hours on 1 bench, + a lot of looking ︎

1. Data collection

2. Synthesis

3. Visual research

4. Design iterations

5. Refinement

︎ My process — research

︎ Understanding hair

︎ Understanding data

︎ My process — design

︎ Early experimentation with markmaking

︎ Early experimentation with visualization

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