Temporary Living

Illustration / Printmaking 
Spring 2019

︎ Exploring the myriad experiences of temporary living in Florence as an Asian-American woman, specifically the duality between familiarity and alienation.

During my semester in Florence, Italy, one of the most important aspects of my travels was walking—walking as a means of transportation, but also as a primary way of experiencing and exploring the city. As I grew more comfortable in this new home, I also became increasingly wary of street harassment, cat-calls, and racial slurs that were thrown my way on a daily basis.
I felt this strange duality of familiarity and alienation: knowing the streets and shops by heart, but also coming to understand that I would never fit into this city. This project seeks to describe my myriad experiences as an Asian-American woman of excitement, home-sickness, frustration, and fear.

The book is broken into three sections:

The full book is bound in such a way that the three sections can be flipped independently from one another. The entire book is printed with pronto-plate lithography.
︎ The top book is a small collection of hand-lettered phrases that people have said to me on the streets.

︎ The middle (main) book contains a short introspective narrative that describes my fascination and fear of walking alone in Florence, paired with illustrative prints.

︎ The bottom books is another small collection of hand-lettered words that describe my internal feelings and thoughts.

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